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When playing golf as often as possible recruiting a ride-on golf cart can end up being enormously expensive as is hiring a caddy to carry your pack. Since the development of electric golf carts, golfers have been able to have a good time in a soothing and peaceful environment as they have more energy to dissipate. Selecting the one that is apt for fulfilling all your aspirations and reflects your individuality will be a bit challenging therefore you have to pick wisely.

For our gadget-obsessed generation, they presently interface with telephones and give GPS data on the screen. Some can be constrained by a handset while others will even follow you around the course! The most recent couple of years have additionally observed an industry-wide redesign of casing styling, from thick and inconvenient to smooth and glossy, so it’s a bit easy to perceive the reason why most amateur golf players currently utilize one.

Every product comes up with advantages as well as disadvantages. So eventually there are many points that need to be in buyers’ consideration.


This electric golf caddy is considered to be the finest golf trolley. It may look a bit like that of a robotics lawnmower with a handle attached, but once your golfer sees how useful this model is they will surely want to have has a very cool “follow me” function, which means you won’t even need to manually operate a remote control.

It also features many innovative technologies. the groundbreaking technology that ensures you walk the course handsfree focusing on your next shot. It has rechargeable lithium handset and completes remote functionality with an integrated stabilizer. the remote control compatibility permits the guidance for the trolley with 50m remote control has a Bluetooth communication which lets you know when will the trolley meet you at the next tee.


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It is basically Handbuilt in Great Britain with an iconic golf design. A user-friendly design which has no replacement of itself, enjoy using this multi-skilled trolley. You don’t need to worry about where your trolley is going, it’s always going to be there behind you. With all these super-premium features and impressive design, it is one of the best caddies you could ever have worth your investment.


1. Stewart Golf X9 follow


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  • Will allow you to focus on your game
  • Lightweight and rechargeable lithium battery
  • Has control in every direction
  • Amazing stability
  • Attractive Bluetooth technology
  • Superlative turning radius
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Slightly large when folded
  • Stand bags not being favored
  • Only accessible to the well-heeled golfer

This is undoubtedly a standout amongst other electric golf trolleys accessible and stands apart from the group with its ultramodern shape. Specialists had free rules to deliver a model that will stop people in their tracks and include all the embellishments that you desire for. The one disadvantage is that it will more likely just simply end up with golf players that have no constraint on their financial plan resources.

In making the X9 more alluring, it is accessible in a  choice of metallic dark, metallic silver, and pearlescent white. Folding it up into a minimized size reasonable for most vehicles is accomplished effortlessly. There is no lack of highlights and frill on this golf electric caddy or trolley and it comes standard with a ball holder, scorecard holder, and phone holder. The incredible design and follow-me functionality put this on top on the list of must-haves.



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  • Lightweight and minimized structure
  • Navigator remote control golf cart
  • 360-degree front swivel wheel suspension
  • Amazing battery life
  • Four wheels
  • 2-year cart warranty.
  • 1-year battery and electronics warranty
  • Expensive
  • Narrow wheelbase
  • Lacks ‘’follow me ‘’ function
  • Tweaking required in the braking system

This high-tech golf trolley is manufactured from the premium top-quality aluminum and is fitted with the coolest accessories to make your life more soothing and easy-going while out on the course.  The 4-wheel layout manages in steadying the trolley and there is a gyroscope constructed into the golf trolley to enhance the stability of all sorts of topography. The flexible support arms will secure any bag without any worry that it may unlock around corners.eventually it does come with an expense but is well worth the money you will pay.

3.Spin it golf GC1R Golf trolley


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  • Remote controlled golf caddy
  • Airless rubber tires
  • Power-off freewheeling
  • Brilliant folding for portability
  • The frame should be strong enough
  • Not appropriate for more difficult golf courses

Even though it is not much expensive, it is provided to us with remote control, battery charger, scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and drink holder. To back their confidence in their product, Spin It Golf provides a 1-year warranty. The airless rubber tires can appropriately cope with inclines up to a 25-degree slope as well as loose grit. It is the best electric golf caddy for a non-techy guy it is easy to use.

4.Bat caddy X4R electric golf trolley

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  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle
  • Maximum storage options
  • Deluxe accessory kit
  • Time advance function
  • Easy to fold for travel
  • Narrow wheelbase
  • Excessively large remote control
  • Needs to be more stable on rough terrain
  • Recharges the battery when totally drained

Accessories that you will find as a standard on the X4R are space for your scorecard, a cup holder, an accessory bag, a USB charger for the eternally connected folks, and a seat for the days when the field is congested or just simply sluggish. Apart from them, optional to the standard features are the rain cover, a sand dispenser. Estimated in the value range, the X4R is an unbelievably feasible alternative that has some great highlights yet burdened by the infrequent adverse analysis.

5.FTR Caddytrek R2 robotic electric golf trolley


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  • Compact robotic golf caddy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to access
  • Best in a straight line
  • Solid and durable wheels
  • Expensive
  • Slipping wheels before gripping on steep slopes
  • High energy use
  • Folding design could be simpler
  • Unpredictable remote reaction

The R2’s lightweight aluminum outline is intended to follow you on in an orderly fashion with the capacity to cross harsh territory and accompanies a gyroscope to make an incredibly steady golf trolley. The spinner will help the R2 to move in a straight line in any event,  even when confronting some rough or harsh landscape. The bigger back wheels advance hold and the retractable fifth wheel guarantees that it won’t tip over as it arranges undulating landscape.

6.Powakaddy fw3 electric golf caddy

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  • Color widescreen display
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold up
  • Easily chargeable lithium batteries
  • Durable strap system
  • Adjustable front wheel
  • Expensive
  • Less hole range comparisons

This miniature trolley features a sleek yet functional design and it is packed with features that any golfer will enjoy. This electric cart has it all, it even has a satisfying 2-year warranty on the frame and 5-year warranty on the lithium battery.The fw3 electric trolley is undoubtedly the best electric golf caddy that you can buy.

7.MGI  zip X5 electric golf caddy

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If you are looking for both the convenience of an electric trolley and the small compact design of an industry-leading pushcart then look no further than the Zip X5. This compact electric caddie is powered by a lithium battery, it has a strong durable design and it features an intuitive downhill speed control system.

8.Cart Tek Gri-1500Li

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  • Lightweight frame
  • Oversize wheels foe negotiating tough terrain
  • Lithium battery
  • Quite bulky even after folding
  • Hefty price tags

If you are going to spend money on an electric cart then it is necessary to make sure that it features a strong design that can deal with rough terrains. The Cart Tek Gri-1500Li is an amazing option if you want to invest in an all-terrain electric caddy. This electric cart features a powerful design, its frame is made out of aviation-grade aluminum and it has big durable wheels.

9.Spitzer RL150 lightweight remote control golf trolley

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  • Comes with the functionality of remote control
  • Anti-tip stabilizer wheel
  • Speed control tri knob
  • Easy fold compact storage
  • Height adjustable handle
  • No battery memory effect
  • 1-year warranty only
  • Unacceptable quality sometimes
  • A bit expensive
  • Malfunctions due to wear and tear

The spitzer RL150 remote controlled golf trolley offers a golfing experience that you magnify your health as well as the game. This remote controlled electric trolley gives a convenient, sleek, and stylish factor that can be folded for easy transport or storage. The spitzer RL150 is an ideal partner for your golf game.

10.Golferpal easy pal electric auto-folding golf trolley

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  • First-ever powered auto-folding golf push cart
  • No hassle while folding
  • Perfectly designed angles
  • Stable movements
  • Innovative technology and attractive styling
  • Large wheels for smoother rides on rough terrain
  • Crooked frame
  • Extremely tight brake cable
  • Holders can’t be attached when folded or unfolded

This eye-catching golf caddy is the world’s first auto-folding/unfolding golf pushcart.if you ever feel discontented that how difficult it is to fold or unfold your golf caddy, then this attractive caddy is for you. The golfer pal easy pal performs relatively well around the course. The wheels are a good size and can handle different curb heights easily. storage capacity is pretty good enough but not that appropriate.


Electric golf caddy/trolleys come in diverse models and ranges.  In order to guide and help you in choosing up the appropriate one, we will provide you with information on the most vital features to take into consideration and drawbacks to look out for.

To start development on your electric trolley, you just need to press the appropriate button to push forward or back. A portion of the more complex caddies can go-ahead for a set separation without you holding the button down. Several more ultra-modern trolleys can be operated with a remote control or even through an app that can be downloaded to your mobiles.  

The remote control can move the trolley each and every way that a human can, Forward, Right, Backward, Left, and ball bearings in the middle. The benefit of the remote activity is that you can leave your trolley in a position while scanning for your ball and afterward order it to meet you along the way when you, in the end, can find your way back to the fairway.

Some golf courses have guidelines disallowing the utilization of electric trolleys so it’s judicious to affirm with the expert shop before playing at a new course. Another point to think about is whether the maker has a nearby portrayal to guarantee that finding spare parts is impressively simpler. 


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There’s A wide variety of electric powered golf carts that are currently available in the market. Depending upon their designs and structures in the aspect of every brand electric golf caddies either have2, 3 or 4 wheels are they are all powered by a rechargeable battery system. 


 Every now and then the batteries are of lithium-ion or lead-acid. These batteries are easy to recharge with quite an impressive battery life.


Not only strong and lightweight but you would also want your golf caddy to fit inside your car pleasantly. Wholly depends on how you bring it inside your car without taking too much of space 


To keep the convenience going and to pick your trolley easily, know first the weight of your electric golf caddy. The weight should already include the batteries in it.


Electric golf carts are expensive and these power golf trolleys are a big investment but they will be worth every cent over the passage of time.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Does the remote-controlled and manually controlled motorized golf trolley the same or any differences arise between them? 

Electric golf caddies provide you with a series of benefits, such as improved health and fitness, weight loss, lower handicap, and better overall golf experience, as well as economic benefits.  

Q2. In what manner would it be good for me to deal with and maintain my sealed lead corrosive battery so as to get ideal execution and lifetime?

It needs to be fully charged first before usage. This can take up to 8-16 hours for the charge indicator to change from red to green

Q3. For how long does the battery last?

 Our batteries are rechargeable deep cycle sealed lead-acid batteries which must be maintained by you. They are rated to last on average for at least 27 holes or 6-7 hours of play per charge.

Q4. For what period of the warranty does the caddy come with?

All the trolleys are covered up by a minimal time of 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.


We evaluated several golf trolleys in a variety of categories and prices. They all provide for a spot in the spectrum and feel that we have provided ample information for golfers to choose a trolley that fits their budget yet has ample features available to them.

After thoroughly analyzing and comparing some of the best electric golf trolleys in the market and in my opinion, the Stewart golf X9 follows electric trolley emerge victoriously providing all the functionality that a golfer can desire for with very little in the way of drawbacks.

It’s A dazzling and lavish option one could have with good functionality. The technology is impressive and works well with many golfers. Have a check on your personal needs and budget in order to determine the best golf electric caddy for your requirements.


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