Best Driver Shafts For Distance

Want to polish the all-round driving on the golf course? Having an appropriate driver shaft would help you out of this. Driving distance is the main feature that all golfers seek-for.there’s a wide variety of drivers available on the market with impressive features and supreme quality.

Generally, a person goes through each and every model of that product before investing in it. And when it comes to playing on greens, once you discover the features of each model you are likely to get a driver that fits your golfing desires and requirements the most. Drivers do appreciate the advantage. In this article, we will discuss the best driver shaft for distance.

Do you want to buy a driver at a cheaper cost or slightly expensive that makes way for more distance, durability, and comfort?

We’ve have got you updated. Through this article, we ‘ll bring you the supreme driver shafts for the distance that will match your budgets and will be considered worth an investment.



The ASSASSIN II is the world champion golf wood shaft. One of the most popular and demanding shaft entry in the market. It is an all-rounder, lightweight shaft with multiskilled features that makes them “everyman” shaft.

With its advanced graphite technology and balanced ideal weight and an impressive profile, it produces total energy at impact and volatile release of energy that works for all whether a beginner or a professional golfer. The ASSASSIN has been referred to as the “longest driving shaft in golf.” this driver shaft has the longest and smoothest drive.

This all-rounder shaft befits a diverse range of golfers due to its magnificent property of quick and rapid recovery and ease of loading.

This lightweight shaft offers golfers a lot of kick in the shaft to achieve their goals. it provides an appropriate amount of spin to fill up the criteria of many swing types which includes not too much not too little.

it features a controlled trajectory with a mid bend point and mid torque design for more accuracy. It turns out to be pocket-friendly and affordable shaft which is worth an investment especially those who want to take theirs on the next level on the greens. It is the most versatile shaft and considered to be best for golfers. Considered as a dream shaft by many golfers too.

So undoubtedly accuflex assassin II driver shaft in becoming more admired and accepted shaft and is considered to be worth an investment due to its versatile features.


  1. AccuFLEX Assassin II world champion long drive golf wood shaft


  • Versatile shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Well polished
  • Advanced graphite technology
  • Higher launches and soft tip
  • Can break with high wing speeds


The accuflex assassin II shaft is the most versatile shaft among all and thus is placed at the top position due to its amazing features and properties.

This lightweight shaft with well-polished surfaces have advanced graphite technology and attractive profile it accommodates energy at impact and features an explosive form of energy suitable for all players on the greens.

It has a more number of golfers due to its impressive property of quick recovery and ease of provides an optimum launch for ease of the player. most often it creates high launches and has a soft tip and is considered to be a pocket-friendly shaft.

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2.Fujikura Vista PRO 60 Stiff Shaft

  • Offers more distance & speed
  • suitable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Rigid core
  • Mid-trajectory
  • Stiff tip

This driver shaft is an ideal choice for the players, especially for is regarded as the best flexible driver shaft among all.

It features premium technology and tour design aesthetics in an easy-to-fit line-up. Composited of graphite, it has a stiff shaft tip. It has a cage-like structure with maximum carbon fiber content and high modulus carbon fiber featuring a phantom finish.

The fibers are enough strong, stiff, and offer a lightweight feel but perform as a heavy-duty shaft. this rigid and balanced shaft has neither too stiff nor too soft gives an optimal flighted performance with generally a mid-launch and a moderate spin.

3.Project X New HZRDUS Black 6.0 driver shaft- best driver shaft for distance 

best driver shaft for distance

  • Stable
  • High performance
  • Attractive design
  • Impressive construction
  • Below average feel
  • Rugged mid-section
  • Low gripping


Project X hzrdus offers more distance and accuracy in your driver. It provides low-launch and low-spin criteria and has a commendable energy transfer and stability a uniques shaft with much smoother transition throughout the swing with its extreme stiffness, weight, spin, and torque.

its high performance is worth investment with dazzling features, innovative technology, and attractive design offers a very strong flight with a flat trajectory.

It is considered to be the best driver shafts for is considered to be one of the hottest shafts on tour and on the topmost list of preferences made by the golfers.

4.Aldila Quaranta blue 50 R- flex shaft driver shaft

driver shafts for distance

  • Effective performance
  • Graphite construction
  • Excellent tip & grip
  • Lightweight
  • Micro- laminate technology
  • Inconsistent shot sometimes

Aldila is one of the most well-known brands which produces a wide variety of shaft models. It is an ultra-light model that offers great strength, flex, torsional stiffness, and overall stability in an effort to chase lighter weights. this model features an all-new NexGen Micro Laminate Technology (MLT).

It offers premium performance including an ultra-lightweight shaft with outstanding workplace efficiency and supreme material. Their users can have personalized usage, making the company more versatile.

The micro laminate technology has completely changed shafts into very responsive products offering a stable and rigid laminate has a high trajectory with a standard grip.It is one of the best driver shafts for distance

5.Fujikura speeder evolution v 474 R-flex shaft 

driver shafts for distance


  • Stable construction
  • Versatile
  • Superb performance
  • Soft tip
  • Soft tip than other average driver shafts

The Fujikura’s all-new speeder evolution V is the highest launching member of the provides a firm tip and a higher ball flight with optimum consistency.

It is an accurate driver that is constructed according to the standard has a graphite shaft and has a grip with installed PXG drivers.

it features the latest technology referred to as MCT, metal composite technology with high content carbon fiber for ultra-light stability, and high modulus carbon fiber content for pre-planned material.usually its tip varies according to the model. Sometimes stiff, medium, or firm and now is available in iron content too.

  1. Graphite design tour AD VR 5 Shaft 

best driver shafts for distance

The graphite design tour AD VR 5 SHAFT is a pro driver shaft available on the market that is built with supreme quality that gives optimum performance. It gives more trajectory and balanced shaft.

It has an aero-space quality with suitable stiffness providing tighter scattering to the golfer, it has lower launch angles.built with supreme quality construction and smooth swing speed.

The perfection in design comes with a hefty price tag too and mainly recommended for professionals. The VISTA PRO shaft model features all outstanding technology with a multi-skilled fitter and tour designs aesthetics in an easy-to-fit-lineup.

7.Grafalloy new prelaunch red 64-gram driver shaft 

best driver shafts for distance

  • Effective technology
  • Easily installed
  • Lightweight
  • Commendable speed
  • Consistent swing and perfect launches
  • Doesn’t provides high trajectory

The grafalloy new pro launch red 64-gram driver shat is a low flight driver shaft. The penetrating trajectory of the grafalloy combines the launch monitor for optimum performance of prelaunch technology.

It features the micro-mesh tip technology which accommodates an optimum balance of tip stiffness, stability, and spin control.

It offers a lower torque for maximum stability with superior feel at impact and tip-stiff shaft designs. The easiest driver to be considered with relatively affordable price tags available in the market today. This lightweight design comes with commendable speed and can be easily installed and is considered to be worth an investment.

8.Fujikura Ventus 6

best driver shafts for distance

  • Tightest shot dispersion
  • Low torque
  • Ultra-stiff tip
  • Veloce technology
  • Most expensive

This multi-featured driver shaft is built well for optimal stability and maximized moment of has a low torque and tightest shit dispersion with an ultra-stiff tip in order to receive high ball speed.

It has a high carbon content fiber and it features a VELOCORE technology that offers full-length pitch 70-ton fiber in the layer.

It has the tightest shot dispersion with low torque and ultra-stiff. Ventus has a sharp and sustainable look. The tip is basically ultra-stiff and effortless energy transfer. Considered as one of the strongest and most expensive driver shafts today.

9.Mitsubishi rayon diamana

  • Desired diamana series
  • Latest generation
  • Stiff-tip
  • S+ plus and D+ plus
  • Suggested for professionals only

The Mitsubishi diamana RF shaft is built with an attractive and stylish design with ultra-light driver setups. it comes with two color choices matte blue and matte black.

It’s stable but stiff too with strong swing speed. additional torque system making the model more supreme and has higher launch and spin with tighter dispersion.

The s+ and d+ technology provides low launch and less spin. It features a + PLUS SERIES which adds to its properties. A much-fined product for advanced golfers and comes with a basic price tag or is considered to be a pocket-friendly shaft model.

  1. Matrix ozik white tie

best driver shafts

  • Appropriate accuracy
  • High launch
  • Smooth feel
  • Changes as per request
  • Low-spinning launches not supported

The matrix ozik white tie has a high launching goes without saying that it features a sustainable look or a business appearance. It gives an effortless energy transfer rather than a dynamic kick.

It provides a mid-spin. Customizations are welcomed upon request and provide a feel of a top-soft shaft which adds more elevation to your game on the greens.

It comes with a velvet 360 grip with appropriate accuracy and high launches and smooth is a newly launched design and offers supreme quality. The investment is fair enough for this driver shaft.

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How To Choose The Best Driver Shafts For Distance

In summation of the above, we would also discuss the main features that need to be in consideration before buying the best driver shafts for distance…

  1. Loft

Undoubtedly, loft helps in supporting the golfer’s shot. select a loft to try based on your marked club-head speed.

In general, the slower is the swing or the club speed, the higher the loft of the driver to streamline both carry and roll lofts can be adjusted as once you buy the driver adjusted.

  1. Adjustable weight balance

An adjustable weight balance is another one feature that is suggested by the experts. A Beginner is not likely to know about the weight configurations.

But if you are an advanced player you need to go for the drivers that provide you the chance to adjust the center of gravity. By means of this feature, the player can have a lucky chance to accurately tune the driver shaft depending upon your striking technique.

  1. Clubhead Volume

In general, the clubheads are measured in cubic centimeters that involve volume too. The driver features clubhead volume ranging between 440 cc and 460 cc.

  1. Performance

When it comes to buying a driver shaft, performance needs to come into consideration. This includes uniformity of the distance, as well as the accuracy of it.

Most importantly you shouldn’t get in confusion with the wow factor of a club’s performance on pure strikes.


Q1. will the grafalloy new prelaunch driver shift fit a Calloway adjustable adapter?

For sure, just keep a check on the tip size for more appropriate launches.

Q2. what is the lifespan of a golf shaft?

Till in usage as long as the graphite shaft is not cracked, rusting, or losing its features, it will last longer than a lifetime.

Q3.when to purchase a new shaft?

They should only be purchased when the old one gets damaged or cracked or rusted or when they do not favor the golfer’s game. often one have to change the driver?

Expertise says that 10 years after the purchase date.7% replace every year 2% replace them every 2 years.


So after going through this article, I hope you would be able to figure out the best driver shaft for distance. Understanding your strategy and prerequisites matters when deciding to buy drivers and driver shafts.

Spending more than what you need especially when you are a beginner will affect your budget as well as your game.

You will only get great looks and innovative technology  So the more knowledge you can get, the better decision you will take according to your pocket thus making you a better performer on the golf course.

Our motive is to help you pick the best driver shaft for distance for your game without going out of budget or being lured into buying crappy clubs that will dishearten you and your expectations.

I hope this article was similar to your thoughts, worth reading and you find yourself a decent driver shaft to take your game to the next level which ultimately turns you into a professional golfer. So these are the best driver shafts for distance.


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