About Us

My name is Emerald Woods an avid golfer. I’ve been golfing now for around 8-years and at that time what I’ve learned about golf I could literally write a book on…

But then I thought, who even reads books anymore?

So I created this blog to help other golfers.

Welcome to the emerald golf club– your ultimate guide to everything related to the world of golf. Whether you are looking for the best golf clubs or surfing the web to know the ideal tips for selecting the best driver – this place is your home. We have been researching and publishing original features and highlighting the golf culture since 2012.

We have a network of more than hundred well-researched writers from across the globe, who have covered the latest news, events and cultures related to golf– from finding the best golf clubs on town to improving skills  – we have it sorted for you.

We wish to inspire you to enjoy the golf in a better way and make you aware of the highest quality products, at the same time fuel your excitement to learn the perfect skills of golf by yourself.

So let’s promote and acquaint more and more people to the love of golf!